Been in a crash? Hit by an uninsured driver? Been a cyclist or pedestrian hit by a car? Then it's always a good idea to get independent representation. Personally I can't imagine getting the most impartial advice from the solicitor my insurance company sends me to .... I felt that I was not only in top professional care, but that they cared and understood the emotional traumatic side of the ordeal I was facing." "Everyone we have dealt with has treated us with respect, kindness and patience and guided us through a long case." "It... It's a very serious problem and with so many variants possible it would only take someone buying the domain name and sticking a fake site up to start causing big problems for everyone.. You may also see other names such as Avery Walters Ellis Solici... Some are certainly more interesting than others. For example, we saw a negative review of a Divorce specialist for refusing to take on someone's Personal Injury case. We didn't find any review separation between the Newry and Dublin offices. Ian Mallon are signed up with bot... There is a motor offence firm still active at the time of writing this which states a 98% success rate on their website. However, if it's something more serious and your whole life could change without the ability to drive yourself around - then the cost is less of a factor... Sadly when it comes to business law, costs can vary far more than with consumer matters. A warning about the growing concerns over the number of legal aid Barristers leaving the Bar. The official site we link to above is ( does not brin... Both statements are true. class="infoquote "We make sure our clients get the right support systems in place and our specialist solicitors ensure you get the right help and advice to claim compensation from those responsible."< div> This is certainly one statemen... Many people only think of specialists when it comes to things such as Criminal Law. At the time of writing this we've been working with Driscoll Kingston for a little under a year. things that can give you an impression of the firm and it's people. Driscoll Kingston's ... There is a Law Society website for each area. One for Scotland, one for England Wales, and one for Northern Ireland as each has quite separate legal setups. He assured me that I had a defence to the charge & prepared the case for Trial guiding me through the whole process. H... A one-year-old firm might have twenty-year-experienced solicitors on staff and a twenty-year-old firm might stick you with a one-year-experienced solicitor. It is certainly not the case that the standard high street law firm is the best option in every scenario. We ran a po... If you check https: office 611389 aina-khan-law-limited" the page relating to them< a> you will see links to information about people at the practice, case types handled, related trading names, and so on. If a firm does not clarify their... That way you are more likely to find something that appeals to your specific needs and budget. The only similar organisation we could find a registration with was https: listing david-graham-apprise-legal-services " The Society of Will Writers < a>, b... We're always looking to get specialists on board, but finding specialists that aren't intensely arrogant about the fact they are specialists is more difficult than you might think. It's really not. Finally managing to convince Briffa Legal Ltd to partner with us was act... We assess our lawyers through our internal Linkirate system, and we recommend those who maintain the highest of standards."< div> We always applaud firms with good staff information pages listing qualifications, work history, specialities and preferably with a photo t... Our regional base keeps our rates competitive but we have clients all over the world."< div> This is a more complex declaration compared to most we've read. It's almost as if they've all hired the same content writer. Either way, it reflects well on their general setup.... (No, really.) We guarantee you that there is no 200+ year old lawyer sat behind a desk with all the wisdom any legal professional could possibly have . Whilst scammers tend to https: money 2017 jan 14 lost-67000-conveyancing-scam-friday-afternoon-... You could end up with a 40-year experienced solicitor at a 1-year-old law firm, or a 1-year-experienced solicitor from a 40-year-old law firm. The software and systems are all easily available these days and the concept is a good one for the modern digitally-addicted consume... This is usually through a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA) such as taking a 25% cut of your compensation. stating to be a 'specialist' for such a long list of case types. class="infoquote "Good company and they sorted everything like they should" "Excellent serv... If you check the https: organisation people 594279 awh-legal-ltd?Solicitors=True" entries for AWH< a> you'll see a huge list of qualified staff. AWH Solicitors is the same firm and the website is as we link to above as ... Unfortunately, many people end up skipping over the bulk of any text that starts out quite 'sales-pitchy'. At the time of writing this, they only had a 3.8 star rating on Google which doesn't sound great. are accredited by the Law Society as Family Law specialists ..." < d... The only things we didn't like about this firm don't really bear much relation to their actual work as personal injury solicitors. We tried a few on Google and the majority of the time the correct firm showed up but none of the domain varients we tried did. However th... It's as if they believe solicitors need 'humanising'. We therefore absolutely recommend bookmarking the official site once you're on it and of course never discuss personal bank details via email. by far the most patient of people as it wasnít as straightforward as it shou... At the time of writing this, there were only 4 reviews on the Google site. We've seen the most ridiculous claims over the years, such as one firm claiming a 150 history in the area simply because they moved into the building once owned by an older firm. Politeness and sincer... Luckily there are a lot more resources online to help choose a law firm than is probably known to most people. A really good mix of old, wiser heads running a firm that still has some young-blood eager to prove themselves. Which sounds great, but in reality the person... They were voted the number one legal probate provider on the FreeIndex business review website and are regulated by the Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners plus the Heir Hunters Association. Unlike many law firms which like to claim 100+ year histo... Great communication between us and our clients ..." "Account manager kept me in the loop at all times and was very accommodating with the specific approach we wanted to take. No disrepect meant to the many law firms that handle debt collection, but using a firm that is ... This may be partly because you really do deal one-on-one with the barrister rather than with the firm as a whole. We've linked to the official above but is currently a chinese lottery site. Many of our barristers are qualified to acc... So, breaking from tradition, we will post some snippets from the testimonials on the firm's own website. To their credit, Artington Legal have actually coughed up the few extra quid it takes to buy up related domains as well. The second is the sepecialist firm such as one ... Currently though, is not showing any information either and with some people seeming to try variants using just the 'asghar' or adding 'solicitors' (e.g. The official site we link to above is and just to clarify - you can't have an a... (Article from the Southern Daily Echo) Of course the firm has the obligatory Customer Testimonials on their website, however we're aware from the poll we did last year that many of you don't put much stock in these types of recommendation. In most cases you can work with u... I didnít know solicitors could have a sense of humour" "Mark Goreham, was a professional, fantastic and supportive solicitor." "dealt with our house purchase which became complicated because of a transfer of land. We are pleased that most of our work comes from rep... It's a hugely helpful resource. It also helps them hide who they really are to avoid complaints. If you've read any other review articles on our site already, you'll know there's usually a pretty good reason for us to select a firm and add it to our list of recommended leg... But if your case wins, the solicitor may take up to a 25% cut of your settlement. To us, and probably a lot of other people, that's something to boast about considering the basic 9-5pm most other law firms still archaically hang on to. For example if there are twenty 5 star ...

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