Been in a crash? Hit by an uninsured driver? Been a cyclist or pedestrian hit by a car? Then it's always a good idea to get independent representation. Personally I can't imagine getting the most impartial advice from the solicitor my insurance company sends me to .... We did spot a couple of negative reviews for this Hallmark to which the firm commented underneath about how that person had never been a client of theirs. (Though not always the police it has to be said.) We would therefore suggest that having a specialist for any case type ... The reasons for which vary, such as one brand being used for a specific case type to help boost it in a marketing drive. class="infoquote "Over the years, we have had plenty of time to experiment with what does work, (and what does not) and today we offer a service wit... As Hammond Trotter continuously repeat on their site though - time is of the essence . However, they state a success rate of 87% and I'm sure you've seen several firms stating successes in the 90-100% range. So does this mean they are less capable? No. The same effe... But if you look past the required sentiments, you might have missed little things like the firm's Blog section . the longest length one of their solicitors has been qualified). For example many would prefer to have a dozen reviews all saying "Would totally recommend!" rathe... We love case studies in the same way teenagers love YouTube. One look at Briffa's website though with the large text, bright pinks, yellows, and flower images - we knew we were on to something. That's not to say they appear anything less than professional: class="... Who we help: Small Businesses, Property Investors, Landlords .... But I actually read Helix's insolvency case study, the 1-month tenancy contract warning, and the smash and grab adjudication pieces. I spoke to Laura Albon who helped talk through my situation and offered so... But that doesn't mean firms that state an overall wider range are diluting their experience. However in a site that is generally quite professional, clear, functional and lacking huge reams of sales-pitches - the fact it seemed to have not been tended to in a while caught ... Practically every page also had a 2-3 paragraph sales pitch like the one from the front page before getting to the bit you'd come to that page to read about. Shaw and Co don't just handle injury matters related to horses - they actively target and request such cases to come ... We've seen negative reviews for when the buyer seller pulls out, for incorrect local searches, for third party delays - all of which the client believed their solicitor should have been able to sort. on the ball the entire time, no stone left unturned. The https: sol... it's not just another area filled with promotional material about how great the firm is). Most of the negative reviews in this instance were about working at the firm anyway. The firm shows up for most related keywords spellings on search engines too so there's no warnings w... Don't hold it against them. So what have we spotted about Centenary Solicitors? class="infoquote "Centenary Solicitors are one of the UK's leading law firms, with offices in Greater London and Kent. On this occasion, it's the first one: class="infoquote "Inju... Often a conditional fee arrangement is put in place where the client pays no money up front, but as much as 25% to 30% of any monies 'won' during a case will be paid to the solicitor on completion. Whilst many firms offer no win no fee and 100% compensation guarantees for th... class="infoquote "With 12,000 incidents happening every day, accidents happen more often than you think. But it's quite an expense to suddenly land in your lap. We still have no intention of ever selling your details on to claims firms to be sold on and resold on. No... Certainly as you can't have a web address containing an ampersand (&), any "& Co" firm will need to use the expanded 'leechandco' style. These are just a couple of things to note which you may not already have been aware of. Naturally the level of expertise and experie... Whilst we've linked to the official site at above, there is a website at but it is for an American firm. In some cases we may charge a small fee if further investigation is required, before a no win no fee agreement can be entered, (i.e. Which... Alexander JLO Solicitors is obviously a very popular firm amongst a huge population with plenty of other options to choose from. If you head to third party review forums though, don't just look at average star ratings . If you check The Law Society's https: solicitors.l... Whilst you may be perfectly comfortable with much legal speak, the fact they break it down this far already shows an accentuated attention to detail. class="infoquote "As a small team of dedicated professionals we aim to provide a friendly, family atmosphere with a rep... The belief being that firms which focus solely on one particular area of law can handle such cases better than general practice firms which state much wider case range coverage. Is it possible for a law firm to be 'specialists' in several areas of law at once? Well, y... A position we've only ever attained with 2 of over 100 websites we've worked on. Also, they are only the 3rd firm on our network to have their own Wikipedia page which details the history we just indicated, from the 1980's miner strike to Gulf War Syndrome and beyond. ... For example, there's a Pointon & Co in County Down, Ireland. So in our opinion, having to make an appointment vs firms that take walk-ins shouldn't be a deciding factor when choosing legal representation. The most easiest step is to create staff profile pages containing each... If you skim through our other articles, you'll see lots of varied information from varied sources expressed in varied ways about each firm. This was highlighted http: news uknews 2518205 Lesbian-stalker-detained-after-harassing-solicitor.html" in one a... There are similarly named firms at addresses such as, and but none of the UK versions of those websites are currently owned by anyone. So instead of questions like "What makes our firm so amazing?" they have questions actu... Obviously with common words such as 'legal' in the name many people can get mixed up and accidentally type in things such as .beslaw or .bessolicitors, and considering we're dealing with property matters - we would therefore recommend bookmarking the site once you're on it ... The Citizen's Advice Bureau may be free, but it is awful. All the firms we accept onto the panel are firms we think will enhance the network and provide extra useful choices for people seeking legal help. White Collar director Philip Nam's profile states his more... They must also have a family, career, and be involved in a "significant cause". People reading a firm's official website are generally skipping through looking for phrases that stand out. A stereotype not completely unwarranted if YouTube is anything to go by. As the name im... He has extensive experience, built up over the past 20 years, of helping catastrophically injured clients and their families."< div> There are three lawyers in my family, and if you lined us all up - I'm willing to bet most people could tell which three they are. Thes... The chances of any legal situation being resolved to a client's 100% satisfaction is not possible. class="infoquote "We provide a fixed fee service for Probate Administration and Wills, our fees will be agreed with you in advance"< div> Thankfully whilst this is ... Words like 'modern', 'friendly', 'maximum', 'jargon-free', and so on sound great. Not by a long shot. To the general public, all compensation claims probably sound the same and most will assume they're handled the same with the same profit for the solicitors involved. ... installed confidence in me from the very first meeting and had a new approach" < div> Many also name the specific person they were dealing with as well: class="infoquote • "Rajinder Rai is a credit to Jarmans solicitors ..." • "I would like to comme... The firm's site is currently at with being owned by a different firm. Sadly, the majority of the time the client blames their solicitor rather than poor judgement of the government officials making the decisions. This lead... For example, here's what we would have written even just from a purely B2B standpoint: "We have only dealt with SBW Law from a purely business standpoint but certainly we have found them to be very upfront, professional, timely, and thorough! Emails are certainly re... Our progressive culture gives you the assurance that you are in the best possible hands to receive tailored services and achieve desired results. We are still seeing stories of people falling for bank detail scams during property sales. We've been working with and writing ar...

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