Been in a crash? Hit by an uninsured driver? Been a cyclist or pedestrian hit by a car? Then it's always a good idea to get independent representation. Personally I can't imagine getting the most impartial advice from the solicitor my insurance company sends me to .... When you consider there are 1 million uninsured drivers you can see the merits of having professional help. With everything so computerised these days and information being shared across all platforms and industries however, it may be that even small accidents might stick a ... class="infoquote "For FREE no obligation advice call us today."< div> The first question you might have about this statement from the firm's website is whether the call itself is actually free - i.e. So whilst the company branding is just over a decade old, ther... You can contact us by e-mail, telephone, SKYPE or Facetime and we can offer a home appointment if required." < div> This facility certainly separates old-school thinking solicitors from the more modern, client-focused firms. These are just a couple of things to note whic... Recently we've started seeking out more specialist firms to try and save people the hassle of phoning a firm that says they do personal injury, only to find out they don't do 'that' kind of injury. But every 3rd or 4th article by Helix seems to be something that would appe... There was a group of architects, a carpet cleaning company, and another law firm that wasn't even based in the UK but Seattle, Washington. Immigration, insurance, police officer, court work, accident investigation, solicitor, etc. As legal professionals we couldn't possibly ... As we've always said, years of experience always outway years of establishment. Often they'll be placed to try and push down all the negative reviews. Sounds like a grumpy children's cartoon character or something ... Please note that we are not a middleman and we do no... Although that doesn't mean every firm with more than 10 staff members has lost that personal touch. So once you are sure you are on the right website, bookmark it just in case you have a memory finger slip when trying to get back there.. (We have been doing this for over 2... Of course CSL cover a niche case range of Divorce, Dispute Resolution, and Employment Law so the site shouldn't be large anyway. Certainly we get repeat visitors coming back to search for their contact details. However that is only the date the 'Limited' version of the compa... That last one is quite important. When you visit their website, you'll also notice a real focus on clear, flexible pricing structures. No conflicts - which is nice. For consumer credit disputes, they also list themselves as consumer credit specialists, helping consumers whe... (I really don't care what my solicitor's hobbies, pets or favourite colour are. It's an awkward shape and the colours are too pale to display around our site easily. One quick note on navigation: we've linked to the official website above which is, not ww... and I know that I can count on him" < div> For some reason, 'company testimonials' talk more about how amazing the firm is with heavy use of adjectives. Commercial Law firms get a lot of these. These are snippets from the firm's own testimonial page: class="infoquo... The heavily snippeted example above is just the kind of thing claimants want to hear about the solicitor they're thinking of using. Tesco changed their representation twice and then admitted liability" < div> If you've already read through several law firm's websites t... That doesn't just mean length of time though, but actual specialisation in certain case types. Sadly the focus is often money, money, money and it's all too common for marketing companies to push that ideal when trying to tempt you into using a particular firm. It's basicall... Of course, some firms do go a bit far sometimes detailing hobbies, music preferences, and even favourite colours. Everything from Legal 500 UK Firm of the Year, Legal Aid Team of the Year, Personal Injury Team of the Year and even individual awards such as staff ending up on... Providing Accessible and Affordable Legal Services to All. Way, way more. We get dozens of communications a day about joining the 1to1Legal network from various firms handling a range of case types from all parts of the UK and ROI. (However the B.A.R. But after 20 year... We support the NHS."< div> Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but if I am - I won't be the only one. I had to get another member of staff to come and explain why I'd stopped him too, because the doctor didn't speak english. To us, pulling together all these extra resources an... We would still recommend bookmarking the official site above once on it just to be sure. Any other downsides? Yes. Advice. On this occasion, there is actually a lot clarification of what is meant: class="infoquote "All our initial advice to assess your case is f... They are a very large firm that deal solely in property with thousands of customers and hundreds of reviews. If you read the article just prior to this one, that firm has four different websites with different names. The site is not massive, just a handful of pages with a f... The ones above are taken from the independent review sites. But in this case the small print states the word 'success' only meant achieving the expected outcome. But not Mr Loophole. class="infoquote "We are without doubt, the country's leading motoring lawyers."< div>... Paying for a solicitor that is always too busy to talk to you is naturally infuriating. Offer to completion was 12 weeks exactly" < div> Those are just a few snippets from around the web. No, we're not exaggerating and no, we're not a fan when they do this. This all gets... But it's your solicitor that often gets blamed if something goes wrong. Our progressive culture gives you the assurance that you are in the best possible hands to receive tailored services and achieve desired results. But Lexcel and the Legal 500 are real, good things to boa... If choosing between two firms, most people would pick the one offering a fixed price. class="infoquote "Our highly qualified lawyers are experts in their field and are genuinely committed to excellence in every aspect of their work, providing clients with a timely, co... That's a big plus mark to be starting with. However you could get a 5-year qualified solicitor at a 50 year old firm, or a 50-year experienced solicitor working at a 5-year old firm. Again, that may seem a small thing to pinpoint but we've been doing this for over 20 years... In divorces, it wouldn't be uncommon for both sides to end up disappointed with their solicitor. So a firm actually encouraging people to visit review sites that could change at any second, is bold. That doesn't mean it won't be helpful (at least we hope it will). But t... For example, we've seen a negative review on Google for a Criminal Law firm simply because they refused to take on the reviewer's divorce case. This is not one of Alexander JLO's clients leaving a review. We agree and many solicitors have started doing at least one late n... "No win, no fee" only means that if you lose there are no fees to pay. For example when we see that their website states 'established in 2011' but every company check website says they started in 2018 - we want to know why. Just flicking through titles such as "Fundamental D... The idiom 'Jack of all Trades' is great when attached to a local handyman, but not (in our opinion) when applied to a solicitor. None of this is mentioned anywhere on the firm's official website. On Google Reviews they have 20 positive comments and a rating of 4.8 ou... However, if you actually read them it becomes clear nearly all the bad reviews relate to a property sale purchase that did not go well. For example, a 1-year old firm could have a 20-year experienced criminal solicitor on board. class="infoquote "You receive 100% of t... However they are written far more in the format of a case study than a news piece. How can you find out? Easy. Literally dozens of new websites pop up daily because injuries such as whiplash are often easy, quick and lucrative. Some firms add up the experience of all their ... It's not as odd as it might seem. class="infoquote "Our Personal Injury Solicitors have over 20 years experience in handling Personal Injury Claims on behalf of clients who have suffered minor Whiplash injuries to life changing injuries such as Brain Damage and Paraly... Firms should not be forever stained for the actions of one bad staff member who was fired along time ago. It could also mean they've researched what's possible and organised the most sought after information so people can view it. all followed a similar schedule too. Mo... Most of them will relate to Immigration. A great option to provide people if possible. Of course, if you come across a firm with only one newly qualified solicitor on board stating they are experts in every area of law - move along. class="infoquote "An 83-year-old wi...

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