Been in a crash? Hit by an uninsured driver? Been a cyclist or pedestrian hit by a car? Then it's always a good idea to get independent representation. Personally I can't imagine getting the most impartial advice from the solicitor my insurance company sends me to .... Even on search engines, if you stray from the exact firm name you'll be confronted with a web address that has 'Helix' in it - but nothing to do with this particular firm.. Great to see a company that isn't just trying to make a quick buck out of people but that form good re... However, watch out for firms that don't state this because each item is a valid point to consider when choosing a law firm . The main website is but is a musician and is owned by a different firm as well. They... So pretending to be the solicitor doesn't help. The solicitor may still take a cut of your compensation if you win, sometimes as much as 25%. That's four case types that we would consider requiring serious work and an experienced lawyer. You can do this for most firms ... But that's quite understandable. Either in their case range, set up, service style, or just personality. Therefore we agree it's not worth the risk of mentioning on the site in case of such misunderstandings. This imbalance might lead you to believe that the reviews on Faceb... We know several excellent firms that have 2 or 3 overall star ratings on some forums yet 5 star everywhere else. On the AlexanderJLO site each staff member has a direct email address displayed and a link to their personal reviews with the Good Lawyer Guide. class="in... Staff have apparently run, walked, climbed, cycled, and baked to raise money for organisations such as Headway, Child Brain Injury Trust, Spinal Injuries Association, Narcolepsy UK and more. The firm actually opened a club in their basement called Club Inegales: class... It's an awkward shape and the colours are too pale to display around our site easily. One quick note on navigation: we've linked to the official website above which is, not which is currently owned by a different firm. However, no firm ge... I would usually have zero notes other than the person's name, and have to wing it during interviews. When I worked in immigration, I was the guy that showed up at the immigration centre when the person's own solicitor couldn't make it. Immigration, insurance, police officer,... The offered service seems identical to that promised on the main site, but with extra clarifications regarding things such as home visits where needed, that they only cover England Wales, and so on. So is it a new firm with little experience? No, because if you visit The L... Ross Coates do try to emphasise their tech savvy roots by stating they were one of the first firms to switch to computers back in the 90s. If you've ever used an insurance comparison website only to find totally different prices once you've been transferred to the insurer ... Refusing to Provide a Specimen, Drink Driving, Drugged Driving, Failure to Provide a Specimen, Speeding, Driving whilst Disqualified, Driving Without Due Care & Attention, Using a Mobile Phone, Driving Without Insurance, Failure to Stop at the Scene of an Accident, Failure ... There were negative reviews about this firm as well, but hardly any and most didn't explain the issue they had. Sounds like a grumpy children's cartoon character or something ... Please note that we are not a middleman and we do not take people's details to sell t... For example whilst we link to as many other sites do, our browser was redirected to Even more confusing was that Google shows results for both web addresses as if they were separate. We checked and www.iwcp... We've gone in depth on this issue in other articles (site search box below) however in short - Conveyance firms will always have far more negative reviews than firms in other areas of law. But neither it nor any others we checked such as hyphenated versions redirected us to ... Obviously a 200-year-old firm won't have a 200-year-old solicitor running the place. For example, the general public really don't care what the firm's receptionist is wearing on Casual Friday or about the complete stranger's cases that have been won that day. For all you kno... For things like medical negligence cases where the risk and costs can be much higher, you might struggle to find a firm that offers you a 100% compensation guarantee. So no matter which firm you decide on, make sure to ask about both these terms upfront. So whilst the compa... Either way, it reflects well on their general setup. class="infoquote "We have the strength and breadth of service and expertise of the large London and Kent firms but provide exceptional service at better value. No website came up for most we tried either. If a firm h... If you look at https: office people 540609 humd-solicitors?Solicitors=True" the page for this firm< a>, you're able to read the qualifying dates and case focus of each solicitor in the practice. Certainly firms that are modernised and set up t... class="infoquote "highly professional, highly knowledgeable, highly successful ... a small firm that gets big results" < div> Ventura Law therefore truly do specialise in a number of issues such as employment, family law, professional negligence, commercial prop... Certainly we see a lot of firms quoting hefty histories stretching into the 200+ year mark. The CEO, Paul Harris, alongside 4 directors and department heads are the driving force behind the company."< div> Whilst this may seem like irrelevant information, we think it's ... If we see a lot of people using our internal search to seek a review article on a particular firm - we write one. Yet despite CSL Law having been on our network since 2014, no-one has asked. He is also a specialist in relation to children matters including contact and r... That doesn't mean the 18 year statement is false. We could imagine people carrying around insurance, breakdown firm, and accident management cards in their wallet or purse. Most people already know that severe damage is recorded in the car's history and even the most basic s... "No win, no fee" only means that if you lose there are no fees to pay. So how do the consumer reviews stack up? Not great at the moment. But be aware when checking out firms that "no win, no fee" and "100% compensation" are two totally different catchphrases meaning ... class="infoquote "We pay great attention to matching our clients' requirements with the right skills, delivered cost effectively and within appropriate timescales."< div> Regarding general navigation though, we've already pointed out the separate conveyancing sit... So don't be taken in by claims of "Established in 1880" on many legal websites as if it means something incredible. I don't understand the fascination, but it's well documented that attention spans have collapsed in recent years. Or, basic narcissism. Then there was an array... Whilst they don't say much about free initial consultations, the website does mention the Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFA's) I talked about before, but - again unusually - they also offer a Pay As You Go service. That last one is quite important. For example, a loan may pr... However: class="infoquote "We have never undertaken clinical or medical negligence claims. So why the decision to write this article anyway? I don't know if you're a regular visitor, but we've put out a few articles recently about claims funding, early treatmen... Don't hold it against them. There is a holding page on but we would absolutely recommend that you bookmark the site once you're on it to make sure you come back to the correct firm. Most people will probably ignore that section: class="inf... I'll go in'. It's a great tool where information is scarce. class="infoquote "Appointments are only by prior arrangement, please call, we visit evenings and weekends at your convenience." < div> I don't know anyone who has walked by a solicitor's office and thought... So when Leech & Co are writing blog articles entitled "Can the insurance company check my Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts?" - they clearly understand and are attempting to work with modern day clients and how they most feel comfortable communicating. Apparently ther... That's why we always recommend reading the reviews rather than relying on star ratings because we've honestly seen a criminal law specialist be given a one star rating for refusing to take on someone's divorce case. class="infoquote "We are proud of the fact th... Their new job is merely to show you how to look up information on the CAB's website. White Collar director Philip Nam's profile states his more than a dozen years of legal and administrative experience in advocacy, consumer law, contracts, employment, legal costs and more. B...

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