Been in a crash? Hit by an uninsured driver? Been a cyclist or pedestrian hit by a car? Then it's always a good idea to get independent representation. Personally I can't imagine getting the most impartial advice from the solicitor my insurance company sends me to .... class="infoquote "These include your financial needs, mobility and rehabilitation considerations, specialist medical care, case management and emotional support."< div> In our experience, a huge number of personal injury firms out there do not have the expertise ... The main site we link to above is, currently does not redirect you there. (Both genuine things we've seen.) Again, it's a small thing but indicates the type of business they run and people they are. For example most people will ... Hawkridge & Company are another firm which may appear like a regular high street firm, but they actually tick a lot of boxes for us that you typically don't get from many other legal practices. They involve sometimes lengthy co-operation and the maintenance of certain hig... For example, a firm with five solicitors each with only two years of experience under their belts might state 'we have over a decade of combined experience'. So yes, NV Legal's claim of 20+ years' experience is certainly an honest one with each individual solicitor having ... We've also seen dozens of negative reviews followed by comments from the firm stating 'this person has never been a client of ours'. Either way should really make no difference to your choice though. This is because whilst people are very happy to jump online and give ... class="infoquote "Catteralls Solicitors have been based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire for over 100 years."< div> Sadly many law firms use more marketing jargon on their websites rather than clear information about what makes them different. Thousands of peopl... A real mix of ages, genders, experience, and expertise that you would hope to see at any general practice firm you might be considering. If you https: organisation offices 597818 stenfield-limited" check out the page< a> for any firm on their ... No matter which you use such as Google, Yelp,, or Trustpilot - the majority of firms dealing with property sales will have a wealth of negative reviews. The official site we link to above is with redirecting you the... always very approachable, both personal contact and by email" "very courteous , explained everything thoroughly ..." "... We guarantee you there is no 200-year-old solicitor sitting behind the desk of any law firm in the UK. Sometimes when researching a company onl... The loss of legal aid for practically everything has completely altered the legal fee landscape. Or you could end up speaking to a junior in-experienced staff member for the 'free' 30-60 consultation on offer. They can also be independently verified with each organisation. A... Many firms will either charge a reduced price for an initial interview or give you a very reduced free section of time such as 15-30 mins before starting to charge. So being registered with the local law society is completely understandable. class="infoquote "We are wi... At the moment the https: consumer-rights advice i-think-i-may-have-given-a-fraudster-my-bank-details" majority of scams tend to revolve around property matters< a> as fraudsters seem to be able to get clients to transfer huge house deposits into thei... However these ancient establishment date claims are mostly just marketing. Most interesting to us though are the qualifying dates of the legal professionals within the firm as these can provide an insight into the general levels of expertise and experience that can b... This is limited to 30 minutes."< div> They also appear to have a genuine Blog section. For example, 5 solicitors x 4 years experience each = 20 years' experience. Frank Rogers is qualified to act within England & Wales. That needed to be made clear because we don'... A quick note on navigation with a triple barrelled company name. Apprise Legal Services are obviously specialists. So are there any consumer reviews to go on? Certainly there are the usual testimonials on the company's website: class="infoquote "David ... It's not surprising with all this high praise and focus on client care that Lawcomm Solicitors were named https: business 17624927.lawcomm-based-whiteley-named-best-law-firm-conveyancing-first-time-buyer-readers-awards " "Best Law Firm for Conveya... Even today there are dozens of law firms that don't even have a website, let alone an online tracking system for people to check on their case progress. class="infoquote "Our lawyers are experienced in advising and representing clients in varied areas of law, from s... So with the verified qualification date from the law society and details about previous work in the news article: class="infoquote "trained, qualified and became one of the youngest partners at previous personal injury firm"< div> The claim of nearly a decade of e... If you https: organisation offices 600584 abs-lawyers-limited" check out the page for this firm< a> you'll see details of their two offices in Corby and Maghull, any alternative trading names, staff listings, languages spoken, case expert... They will provide you with alternative trading names for the firm, other possible contact details, as well as the expertise and experience of each qualified staff member. But we know of various tenious uses of such tactics. If you https: ... We would therefore recommend bookmarking the correct site once you're on it just in case. However under the new Direct Access scheme members of the public are able to hire a barrister directly. To have such a great industry reputation certainly puts them head and shoulders... From the Hutcheons Law site: class="infoquote "Many solicitors are now charging 25% of the client's compensation due to a change in the Law from April 2013 ... Unfortunately, the bits and pieces that we think are really important are often a couple of pages in, only hi... After us praising The Law Society of England & Wales for having such a great site, we have noticed that they currently link to an outdated web address of which no longer takes you to a site about this firm. class="infoquote "Solicitor qu... Whilst it would obviously be impossible for us to come up with enough legal matters to truly test every firm we review - we certainly do our background checks and quite often get to know people at a firm before having them on board. Anything about bank details or payments wo... So yes, despite the long case list Thorpe Wilson can still be 'specialists' in those areas . Many firms will actually charge fees if your case wins. Every firm should make this absolutely clear to you early on in your enquiries. For example, Asda do not 'specialise' in Cere... At the moment it is mostly property law firms and their clients https: watch-out-for-conveyancing-fraud " that are being targeted by scammers< a> trying to get deposits sent to the wrong bank details. There's no shortage of law firms around the London ... They handle what would be considered legal matters, and the term 'advisors' is used. But this shouldn't pose a huge amount of risk anyway due to the area of law they deal in. For example you don't always need a lawyer to deal with your Tax HMRC problem. You can always ... There are dozens out there, but the most commonly used are Google Reviews, Yelp, Trustpilot and Yell. There is a whole section https: #bereavement" offering various products< a> to tailor towards what you might need if you're looking t... This means that solicitors still choosing to work under Legal Aid typically get paid a lot less than for cases with regular private paying clients. There was no such thread this time. available to all, just slower) over the past couple of decades the budgets and scope of L... But it could also mean five solicitors with just 4 years experience each. Sadly there weren't many independent reviews across the usual third party forums such as Google, Facebook, Yell, Trustpilot and Yelp. That could mean two solicitors with 10 years experience each. ... does a amazing job and keeps you up to date"< div> On the whole very positive. There didn't seem to be a website for the London based Kudos Law Ltd. Not just legal services. Some sections kept flicking into broken coding when viewing the site on our phones tablets. The... It is a balancing act though. He always went the extra mile for myself and my family." "Cel mai bun Avocat din Scoția"< div> These are some reviews from the public review boards. (Though it naturally pains me to admit such a thing!) The Law Society for England W... Just a couple of fake emails and house buyers sellers end up handing over £millions every year to the fraudsters. A specialist like the Education Law Service that does such cases day in, day out (again, just like specialists for other legal matters) will likely co... That brings us to a quick note on what a 'chambers' actually is compared to something like a traditional high street solicitor. That should make communication far easier , clearer, and provide a more personalised experience throughout the case. you'll see that many of the r... The official website is the one we link to with redirecting you there. Plus we see some people calling them Hampson and Hughes too. As you'll have seen on the Law Society page we linked to above, this firm also goes by HH La... We get dozens of firms contacting us each week asking about getting on to the 1to1Legal network and being recommended to people in the UK for legal services. However, you need the stable balance of experience in each firm as well to help things run smoother and stay focused.... With of course no mention of what the awards were for (it could have been Best Logo 2002) or what area they are considering the 'leading' firm of (it could be their own very small village). Whether a general commercial law issue, shareholder dispute, insolvency, employment... If you search for news articles on any company it's good idea to make sure to put "quotation marks" around the name of the firm otherwise you will get a lot of irrelvant pieces. But we absolutely would not state that a firm that has not been asked to quote for a news articl... But considering they cover pratically everything else we really like a firm to do: transparency over claims such as awards, out of hours services, proper staff profiles, engaging with online forums, a range of contact methods, etc. Still, people are generally unsatisf... In fact, we don't think we know of any firm in the UK that doesn't offer No Win, No Fee for Personal Injury matters these days. So that's a good indication they've handled quite a few cases in their time. If you've read any other review articles on our site already, you'll k... Sadly so many firms use terms such as 'modern', 'friendly', 'established', etc. Vice versa, a firm quoting just a few years since opening could have several solicitors on board with dozens of years experience each. You can then click the links of solicitor's names... But still pay attention to the links you click and remember that email addresses can be faked quite easily. They should have the APS Legal logo on their website though and you can always check with the main office as to whether the consultant using that website is actually ... However, we also have experienced consultants in other areas of law."< div> Most firms will have some sales-pitch statement like this on their website about how great their lawyers are. That last snippet for example indicates that whoever took the reviewer's call must ... Their website is https secure. I would not be here today writing this review" "reassured me and helped me understand everything from start to finish" "made the whole process really easy and straight forward"< div> The majority of reviews were clearly ve... class="infoquote "We are renowned for our expertise in handling mesothelioma and other asbestos related disease claims."< div> Luckily, some of the firm's offices are in England which puts them under The Law Society of England & Wales. For all we know, it could ha... The internet provides access to information, stats, reviews and so on. Even then their focus was still business clients. There are quite a few such standout phrases across the site, including: class="infoquote "We embrace what the legal industry has traditionally... When it comes to personal injury it seems that many solicitors are just pushing clients through, taking a cut of the compensation cheque, and that's it. It's not just a side project either with the firm stating very clearly that it specialises in just three areas - CC... The idea is to find a handful of different types of law office in each area so not only can you have a local firm if you want, but also be more aware of what's out there. The firm's website is https secure so you should be fine entering your details into the contact for... Most services like The Search Bureau are used by larger companies. It probably doesn't occur to employees of a firm to jump on the web to write a review about a service their company uses. Each of these partners also have established connections of their own to make the... This is especially true for Personal Injury and Immigration cases. Don't expect this to change very quickly though. So a public display (it's actually capitalised on the Richmond Legal website but we shrunk it to avoid distraction) of a number clearly meant as a pote... Unlike most firms that use the News Blog area to simply write a bunch of extra thinly disguised sales pitches - these are some real articles with highly niche topics . If you've read review articles on our site before then you'll know that we usually cover quite a bit of gr... Often those little badges at the bottom of law firm's pages aren't just for show either. This can sometimes end up in reviews about the wrong firm being placed. The firm did have testimonials on their website as well but at the time of us viewing they were stuffed in...

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